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21 januari 2020


Since January 2019, the expansion of a second Euroglas glass production line has been operational in Ujazd, Poland. Van Huët has entered into a renewed partnership with Euroglas and now operates a dedicated fleet for them. Soon there will even be an expansion of the fleet! "Cooperation is going well," says Marek Bekas, country manager of the Emons Group in Poland.

"Our partnership dates back to November 2009," says Marek. "At the time, we'd been working closely together for a couple of years." In the meantime, stronger ties have been established with the signing of a five-year contract.

Emons Group in Poland

The Emons Group has been active in Poland for more than 15 years; in recent years it has been increasingly active on the Polish market. With a growing European glass market that is increasingly served from Poland, this appears to have been the right choice and Van Huët is now also a specialist in the field of glass logistics in Poland. But there is more coming from Poland! The Polish market is also seeing growth for Emons Cargo and this has resulted in an expansion of the number of 2WINs.

Marek BekasIn-house stationing
“We have recently hired another 100 drivers," says Marek. Expansion has also impacted the office: the team moved to a new, larger office in Kolonia Poczesna two years ago. "This location makes it possible for us to maintain better contacts with our drivers and to host training sessions and meetings." Recently, a planning department has been added to the organisation. In addition, it has been agreed with Euroglas that two more employees will be stationed in-house close to the operation. These colleagues are responsible for such matters as driver planning and customer contact. The head office in Kolonia Pczesna provides support in the field of training, administration and recruitment.

Joint performance
Marek is very satisfied. "We are achieving all standards, as set by Euroglas Poland. And 99 percent of our shipments are delivered on time. These good results would be impossible without proper teamwork. It's a joint effort, together with our drivers who are really putting in maximum effort."

Successful test load Transloader
Transloader, one of Van Huët's concepts, has recently successfully tested the transport of a non-standard glass size. Where normally glass packages are transported with a maximum length of 6 metres, Transloader can transport glass with a length of up to 9 metres.

Beyond being able to haul flexible dimensions of glass, Transloader is efficient, sustainable and cost effective. The concept has the appearance of a regular standard trailer, but at the same time it has the capabilities of an inner loader for the transport of unpackaged glass. There are considerable cost-saving effects, because fewer kilometres are driven 'empty', but also a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and higher road safety due to fewer transport movements.

Are you interested? Contact Van Huët for an informal talk about what Transloader can do for your organisation!


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