Roland Tonk: Glass distribution chain as efficient as possible

21 januari 2020

Kevin Lemmens and Roland TonkWith a fragile cargo like glass, the distribution chain needs to be set up as efficiently as possible. Van Huët works with the Emons Service Centre (ESC) on innovative solutions for various clients. This is done in various teams within our own organisation, but also with client stakeholders. We spoke with Roland Tonk, general manager at Van Huët.

"Our clients and we naturally want our concepts to be used as efficiently and optimally as possible, with the maximum permissible loading weight and the smallest possible number of kilometres," says Roland. While this sounds simple, we know from experience that the practical implementation often fails. Having the same insights and objectives for both the service provider, client and customers is therefore vital.

Ready-to-use analyses and recommendations
The Emons Service Centre processes the data received from clients into ready-to-use analyses and recommendations. These can be aimed at optimising loading weights, setting up loading concepts or adjusting the packing on the glass stands to reduce glass breakage during transport. "Together with our clients, we have already been able to achieve considerable financial savings," says Roland. The environmental aspect is also an important argument for achieving sustainable solutions.  

Periodic consultations are held with clients about the progress and the possible start of new projects. "In addition to the enthusiasm of our customers, our colleagues at the ESC are also real driving forces behind these projects." The reactions from the clients are very positive. "They're getting better and better at finding us to support them in all kinds of projects.

Emons Service Centre: a multidisciplinary team
Kevin Lemmens, business and project analyst at the Emons Service Centre, explains how the ESC works: "In addition to the above and other projects for Van Huët, we are also running projects together with the other business units of the Emons Group. For instance, together with Emons Cargo|2WIN and one of its customers (a fashion retailer), we are developing a so-called 'cage' to transport clothes on hangers. This cage is better suited to our client's wishes than the current cages they use. The tests in the warehouse and the transport were successfully completed. For the same customer, we use the data and expertise of the business to see how we can add value to their chain by cleverly deploying our trailers. In previous examples, the deployment of a multidisciplinary team is essential to generate end-to-end solutions. “ Although there is a standard project approach, the ESC, together with its clients, always looks for the right balance between structure and flexibility. Kevin: "To bring projects to a successful close, we do not run projects for our customers, but with them. ”

Successful implementation of first E-push trailers 
At the Glasstec in October 2019, Van Huët introduced the internally developed E-push system. A light, flexible method to secure flat glass during transport, with a damage-reducing effect.E-push

The customer response is very positive. The E-push system replaces the old way of using a hydraulic system to keep the glass panels in place. 

The E-push system means that different types and sizes of glass loads can now be transported simultaneously in one trip. This flexibility works extremely well for our client(s). In addition, damage-free transport ensures safer situations, both in the factory and on the road.


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