Emons statement on the Coronavirus disease

26 februari 2020

We, the Emons Group, are closely monitoring the developments related to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease) situation which might be effecting our transport activities. At this moment, the Italian authorities have announced wide closures in the north of the country as they try to halt the virus’s spread. The greatest number of cases concerning the virus are in the northern region of Lombardy and Venice.


The necessary measures taken to prevent a spread have caused supply chain challenges for all deliveries, not only ours, to the quarantined areas in the Northern provinces of Italy. That is why we unfortunately cannot guarantee our services for the areas mentioned. These will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Of course we follow the prescribed advice of the World Health Organisation and individual government agencies! The Emons Group takes appropriate steps towards providing a safe and healthy working environment. This includes safety measures and actions towards preventing a possible spread of the virus.

We believe that our capabilities will keep us positioned to work through the challenges and, if necessary, we would like to help our business relations to take appropriate measures. We realise the situation is very dynamic and information changes day-to-day. Our company however remains of course committed to providing the highest possible levels of service and support.



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