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21 januari 2020

In-house event, Emons Cargo

"Making connections. That's what we believe in and pursue. To get closer to our customers, colleagues and society as a whole, the Emons Group has also begun to organise various events and workshops. Knowledge transfer and the relaxed exchange of experiences are central components. The response has been so positive that we are going to organise even more.

Over  a year ago we started with our first in-house event for Emons Cargo customers. They came to Milsbeek and were presented with a programme focused around the theme 'trends and developments', the Emons Service Centre and our 'Making connections' campaign. Workshops, speaker(s) and some relaxation with a good lunch and networking drinks made us learn about each other's vision on logistics. The participants were very positive.
Eurotunnel and Brexit
Together with Eurotunnel, we also organised various events for Emons Cargo, at Eurotunnel, both on the French and the English side. Eurotunnel also provided a platform to discuss Brexit-related issues. In addition, with the help of our partner Verhoex Customs Service, we have given various Brexit courses. This helped us prepare ourselves for Brexit as best we could!

Various other activities are planned in the time to come, including on location at the University of Twente. Many current affairs will come under review, such as Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and our technical innovations in the field of sustainable transport solutions. Not only do we enjoy meeting each other in this atmosphere, but we also think that in this way we will eventually come up with improvement programmes in the area of logistics costs and service levels with the aim of strengthening our partnership.

Transport Logistic MünchenAlpe d'HuZes and TL Munich
Needless to say we couldn’t stay behind at the Alpe d'HuZes in France! This annual sporting event raises money for cancer research and aims to improve the lives of people suffering from this disease. We took care of housing the press in our Drivers Training trailer; the trailer that is normally used to train colleagues. The day before the actual event, the sponsors had the opportunity to climb the mountain. No less than €11,800,239 was raised for charity! Coinciding with the Alpe d'HuZes, the Transport Logistic Munich took place. Visitors could learn more about our logistics concepts or visit us for a 'walking dinner' or a networking drink. And no different from last times, we have met many interested customers and partners.

Are you interested in participating in an event organised by the Emons Group, or would you like to explore the possibilities for your own team/event at/by the Emons Group, please contact our events team at events@emons.eu!


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