Collaboration between Emons Group and the University of Twente | Smart technologies contribute to improving competitiveness

22 januari 2020

participants in ICCOS, including Sebastian Piest on behalf of the University and Daan Emons on behalf of the Emons Group.With new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and big data analytics, our customers will benefit from even higher efficiency. "This is the only way to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world," says Gerard Alders from the Emons Service Centre.

''We enjoy helping our customers reduce their transport costs''

"The Emons Group distinguishes itself by offering innovative and sustainable logistics solutions. We can only achieve this by structurally working together with the top knowledge institutes in the Netherlands, such as the Technical University of Twente and Eindhoven," says Gerard. This cooperation innovatively tackles topics such as client collaboration, chain management, planning and process optimisation and integrates them into the Emons portfolio.

Connected from the University of Twente (UT), Sebastian Piest is a researcher at ICCOS, the project in which the Emons Group also takes part. He fully agrees with Gerard's words: "The input - issues, data and ideas - that we receive from the Emons Group helps us make the topics applicable in practice." Sebastian continues: "Within the Emons Group, we use data mining and machine learning techniques to analyse loading and unloading times. Normally, for example, we calculate half an hour per stop. In practice, this varies considerably from one location to another and there are numerous external influences. Machine learning allows us to analyse and optimise the data from the board computer with the help of additional (open) data. This allows us to set up loading and unloading times dynamically and plan more efficiently."

"We enjoy helping our customers reduce their transport costs", Gerard adds. "We're working together on this in different areas. This ensures that the order process is optimally aligned with our services and that the load factor stays maximised. This way, the relationship with our customers becomes more of a partnership than the traditional customer-supplier relationship."

Practical examples
The Emons Group and the UT also want to work together in the field of education. "Within the Business Intelligence module, in which some 250 students participate, we want to work with practical examples next year," says Sebastian. In 10 weeks’ time, teams of 4 to 5 students work together with real datasets from Emons. "A nice way to grow the Emons Group reputation", Gerard says. "Applications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, bots and robotics were previously reserved for large multinationals. Thanks to the cooperation with the best knowledge institutes, this is now also available to us."


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