Collaboration between Emons Cargo and Edgewell Personal Care

21 januari 2020

Wilkinson Sword, Hawaiian Tropic, O.B. and Bulldog Skincare: all brands of Edgewell Personal Care that are household names on drugstore shelves. The producer of 'everything in the field of personal care' has been a satisfied Emons Cargo customer since November 2018.

Daniel SuchýDaniel Suchý, Distribution Supervisor at Edgewell's subsidiary Personna International CZ says: "The cooperation is very good. Every problem we have is professionally solved. And fortunately, there aren’t many of them!” The ties between Edgewell and Emons Cargo are still in their early days: "The opportunity for cooperation arose when product storage moved from Belgium to Teplice, Czech Republic. And that happens to be the very location where Emons Cargo has an office." Daniel says. Suchý accompanied the transition from Belgium to Teplice.

Pallet height
The choice for Emons Cargo was obvious because Edgewell uses pallet heights of 1.50m, but also 1.80m. "This ensures that the pallets are never larger than 1.80m. And we can fit exactly 54 into a 2WIN trailer, which of course affects the price per pallet compared to the standard 33 pallet solutions", says Daniel. In addition, the resolution power is an important reason for Edgewell to choose Emons Cargo|2WIN: "Emons Cargo has the required capacity." People are also satisfied at the Edgewell unloading location. Performance is good and the drivers have exemplary behaviour.

Double decker solution
Edgewell produces more than 25 brands that are sold in over 50 countries. Several of Edgewell's products are stored and sold in the United Kingdom. Hence the need for a high capacity carrier. Emons Cargo takes care of the transport from the Czech distribution centre Kuehne+ Nagel to the English warehouse in Great Bear. From there the products get shipped to the customers. "When we were looking for a partner for our transport in the United Kingdom, we assumed that many shipments would go that way. We were therefore looking for a volume solution and the logistics solution Emons Cargo uses with its 2WINs is very good and sustainable, to boot", says Daniel.

´Emons Cargo has the required capacity'

The partnership between Emons Cargo and Edgewell Personal Care is going well. At Edgewell, they look to the future with optimism. Daniel: "I hope that we can maintain a solid cooperation. Striving for a long-term partnership is best. I think this is very important. And so long as everything works well and everyone is satisfied, why should we change anything?"


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